Ep. 2 Photos (Music and Lyrics)

OH MY GOD!! I’M GOING CRAAAAZY!! I can’t take it anymore!! My heart will BLOW!! But I just. Have. To . Look. GAH.

So I did. Episode 2. I’m not gonna post a video because I haven’t found the Eng Sub .. YET. (Fighting, Lychee!)

Ok, Pics. Here:

Yup. My heart just blew. Ok.. Anywaays, this is taken in Jeonju .. That’s all I know. And since I don’t understand a thing they’re saying, I didn’t know why they were doing this. But I sure am HAPPY they did XD. Oya, see Junho’s ear? It’s kinda red, don’t you think? XD

In the first ep. his ear was TOTALLY red when they were at the studio.. XD

Yup, his ear is red..

XD. This is in ep. 2, btw..

Ok, just to let you know, I’m currently watching ep. 2  RIGHT NOW. So it’s kinda like, snip, watch, snip, watch. And I’m seeing the parts at once so when I played part 3 without entirely seeing part 2 (because it’s not done loading) I saw something…

In the scene Junho and So Eun were looking beaten up (emotionally), so I was thinking , ‘Something happened at Jeonju. O. M. G’

WHAT HAPPENED??! It’s still not done loading, so … AAAAA!! MY CURIOSITY IS KILLING MEE!!

Oh, and she looks like she wanted to cry.. I caught a bit of red on her nose.. D:

They’re discussing the music, so maybee it’s connected to the director? Or music producer?

Well SOMETHING happened. And I’m going to find out.

Ok, moving on~

Hahah.. ^^ This happened the day after they went to Jeounju (Idk how to spell it, so .. Yeah.). They met at a cafe to continue their song making~~ ^^

Another pic.:

This photo happened a few mins after the upper one. So, So Eun was reading her own made (romantic XD) lyrics to Junho, and she was looking at him the whole time~~~ 😀 But who knows? Maybe it’s just a habit of hers to look at someone when she talks…

You know the my other post: H O L D I N G  H A N D S?

Well, THAT happened at THIS EPISODE!! And they DIDN’T SHOW IT. WHY.


Before all this happened (at the cafe), when they were at Jeonju they visited this church they saw at the movie, ‘Promise’ and So Eun faked a marriage at the church by being the pastor and the .. bride. Ok, here’s the pic:

They all said yes, btw. 😀

(Well, I think they’re fake marriage-ing.. You know, since I don’t know Korean..)

After that they walked on the streets and talked about.. something. (Oya, does anyone know ‘bolbokki’?)

Anyways, then Junho took So Eun’s bag and put it over his shoulder (like a real gentleman :3) and So Eun (jokingly, I think) puts her scarf (Jacket? AAAh, who knows) around him and they laughed. Then Junho took the jacket’s end and started to neatly put it around her.



Oh, and then the jacket/scarf fell again.. (-_-)

Then they have that restaurant scene! 😀


Ok then, after cafe, they went to see the director or something (in a recording studio), I think Junho told the bearded old man that So Eun’s still writing the lyrics and he’s got a demo of the sounds (instrumental) on his phone. The bearded old man wants to hear it so he gave the phone to the music guy and he played it . It. Was. AWESOME. It was a voice recorder, btw. So in the soundtrack, he was playing the piano. And after it finished, the bearded old man.. (I think) dislikes it. Don’t know why, because I can’t understand Korean. But I THINK he dislikes it. Then he gave Junho some pointers and stuffs.

Then the bearded old man wanted to hear So Eun’s lyrics. So she read it aloud to them (there were two guys.. )

They weren’t that pleased, either… BOO. Judging from the look on her face,

Either she wanted to cry, or she’s just taking this all in slowly… Or something.

Then this blue shirt guy (the music guy I talked about) said something to her and she was like :O

So I was like :O


Hah, Just kidding.. It didn’t go KABOOM. But I wish it did. Hm.

After that, they talked a bit and Junho’s mind started speaking (You know, the confessions, the slipped it in) and I caught the word sorry in them somewhere. Hm.

Theeeen, they tried fitting Junho’s soundtrack in the movie trying to see if it fits… IT DOES!! XD (In my opinion)

But who knows? The ‘experts’ might be thinking differently.

And again, I don’t know Korean so this explanation might be TOTALLY different to the real thing. Sorry if that happens, though. -_-

No, really. Mianhae.. ^^”

Man, I think I’m right. After the hard beating of the ‘director’ (I don’t really know if he’s the music producer or the director of the movie but I called him the bearded old man, btw. Oh, and she also got tht harsh comment from blue shirted guy/music guy) So Eun and Junho went to seperate cars and So Eun was totally having a break down.. D””’X

At the end of the part 2 vid, she looked like she couldn’t take it anymore (near tears) and said to shut the cam down (in a nice way). I was speechless. What DID the director and the music guy said to her??!

I think she almost cried because she worked so HARD on it. And they just. TOOK. HER. DOWN.


AAAGH. I’m gonna end it here. So bye~~


P.S There are a LOT of parts I haven’t described, so just watch the videos at Youtube keywords ‘Music and Lyrics Kim So Eun Junho ep. 2’.

At the moment, I think there are no Eng Subbed videos except at DailyMotion. But if you found one at Youtube, tell me!! ^^


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