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Hi Guys…

So I just noticed that SOMEONE’S actually reading these posts I make.. (How crazy is THAT). So just to let you know, I’m so thankful for everything and THANK YOU for reading this. Just, next time, leave a comment, please? Thanks, that would be wonderful.

Anyways, you know my last post, the Music and Lyrics ep.1 ? Well.. I clicked on the links, confused, why the videos didn’t show up on the post, well the videos have been terminated for certain reasons I don’t know, (SCREW YOU YOUTUBE), and now NOONE can see it anymore (Well, except the maker).. BOO HOOOOOOOO.

I’m SOO SORRY!! I didn’t know!! I just checked it and so.. I deleted the post so no one’s gonna feel disappointed reading those and finding the links not working….

So, I’m sorry, from the deepest of my heart. Sorry.


P.S I know this is annoying to read but COMMENT. Okay? I’d appreciate criticisms, good marks, anything really. So … Comment. Thanks.

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