Secret Angel Cast

Have you guys heard of So Eun Unnie’s new drama? Well, it’s not really a drama. Just a mini-series. It’s called Secret Angel. The title got you hooked, huh? 😀 I’ve seen episode 1-4 and it’s AWESOME.

It’s not really new, she’s been recording it for a while now. I just haven’t post the news yet. Hah.

Anyways, for Eng Subs on the eps (So far, there’re 6 eps) you can go to here. The Subs are great.


Chen Xiang

Birth: December 13, 1989 (Same year as Unnie! Oh shoes.) He was born in Tianshui, Gansu, China.

Profession: Singer and Actor.

In this drama, he’s acting as the ‘human’, Han Si Yeong.

Jang Woohyuk

Birth: May 8, 1978. His hometown is in Daegu (Korea).

If you guys are fans of H.O.T, then better start screaming. Cause he’s one of the lead actors in this one.

His role is the ‘death angel’, Hwan. Dark and stuff. Just watch the drama.

Yura / Kim Ah Young

Birth: November 6, 1992. She’s a member of the Girlband Girl’s Day. Her stage name is Yura, but her real name is Kim Ah Young.

Her role is as Si Yeong’s one sided lover, Lim Yubin.  So when Ji Soo/ L (Kim So Eun XD) comes along, jealousy sparks. And when that happens, bad things happen too. Basically, she’s like the evil one here.

And last but OF COURSE NOT least is…………

Kim So Eun

Birth: September 6, 1989. My favorite actress, and a lot of others too.

Unnie’s role in the drama is the LEAD ROLE!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!

An angel: L but she introduces herself to Si Yeong as Ji Soo. Sweet, innocent, cute, and always adorable :3.

Sorry there’s a ‘play’ button on the pic. I have to pause the vid to snip it.

Be sure to watch it~!!



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