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OH YEAAAAAAAAAAAH. You can watch it here.

Anyways~ At the start of the ep. there’s Si Yeong wanting to commit suicide on a hill, looking like a boss. On the background we have, the Grim Reaper (This reminds me of 49 Days.. HM. But the storyline is completely different so~).

Dam dam dam.

As Si Yeong inch closer to the edge where the  thorns await, GP smiles (smirks?) even wider. He inches closer…… and closer……..and closer…….

And the car swoops in.

Aw, you seriously didn’t think he was gonna die, right? I mean, even though that will make a pretty great story, but  come on.

Anyways, Yubin’s voice was heard through the background screaming, “SI YEONG!!!” and all that stuff. But Si Yeong ignores her little rants and screams and proceeds.

But then Ji Soo’s frail voice came,

The GP is maaaaaad.

When he fully turned around, Yubin came to him and (tried) to hug him. But he already ran to the collapsed Ji Soo, then FLASH.

We get to the scene where Si Yeong was going in to the car and Ji Soo stayed behind. Ji Soo said to go ahead, she got something to do.


She walked back to the hill where GP found her. He called to her and she’s like, “STOP THIS NOW.” The GP continued to state that she’s in love with Si Yeong. But she denies it and said that feelings are only for humans. GP countered a knowledge they both know, “Don’t forget that you and me are slowly turning into humans.” She was taken aback and didn’t say anything.

He kept going about this and that and said, “For me, that’s not a bad thing.”

Then we go to Si Yeong and Yubin. They’re currently in Si Yeong’s appartment, and Si Yeong was trying to call Ji Soo, but she’s not picking up.

Look at his worried to death face: :3

Then he stood up and started to leave but Yubin stopped him. She said that it’s not even three months since he’s with her, and he’s already falling for her?! She’s been with him for 20 years, and he hasn’t even seen her!! (Meaning as a ‘woman’). They argued (mostly Yubin talks) and finally she confessed love.

He was like, WTF. Then they talk talk talk and

“Let’s get married.”

~And we move back to Ji Soo and GP scene (^^). Ji Soo was walking to… somewhere and GP was….. following her? Why was he following her?

Ji Soo walked and walked .. and she tripped. Clumsy L. And GP caught her.. Awwww :3.

But she was like, “I don’t need your help!” Tipical.

She pushed him away but end up tumbling down…..

And GP caught her… (XD)

Ji Soo woke up with twigs and stuffs in her hair and she found GP all unconscious and bleeding. She. Freaked. Out. But not much.

She asked questions like, “Are you okay??” “Are you dead??” “Did you die?”

Hah. The last one cracked me up.

She kept shaking him and he was grumblinnnnng and screaming in pain. She helped him up and put his arms around her.

~Yubin and Si Yeong scene timeeee

I’ll pretend I didn’t hear what you said.

Si Yeong said with a cold, straight face. Yubin kept saying, “Someday, you’ll regret this.” And she left.

~GP and Jisoo

With a lot of cries of pain from GP and Ji Soo’s complaints about GP being heavy, they managed to make it to a abandoned classroom. How? Who knows, this is Korean drama anyways. So why do we need to know. She set him down on a seat and started to walk away. But GP was still crying and after a long debate with herself, with a face

She helped him.

They settled on a sofa (Why is there a sofa in a classroom?) and she began cleaning his wound.

While she was doing that, he kept looking at her and then

Deg deg, deg deg, deg deg..

He clutched his heart


As Ji Soo were talking about how not careful he is so that she could easily sneak up on him.

But when she looked at him, he was already asleep.


That’s all for episode 7. No really. That’s it.

At the end, they showed the love… circle?

Below is the OST’s lyrics.

Ugh, I want more GP/Ji Soo!!! GAH.

Oh well, just have to wait for ep 8.



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  1. For the record, I think seeing GP sleeping in the credits is really weird and .. funny.

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